Die Gründung der aMava Initiative

Hier ein Auszug unseres ersten Spendenaufrufs (für Februar 2021):

Molo Brothers and Sisters,

I hope this message finds you in good spirit(s). We all know that the world is facing a very challenging period at the moment, due to the covid-19 pandemic. Unfortunately this affects us all, but others suffer more than others under this pandemic, especially (developing) countries that are already suffering from poor health care system, poverty and other related issues.

As a South African I must say, we are also facing a very difficult time right now. The first lockdown went on for almost 6 months starting in April 2020, with most industries not operating, restaurants, clubs, galleries, markets, theatres, etc. This affected a lot of us especially in the entertainment industry. Now with this second wave of lockdown things are getting worse, especially in the townships the situation is unbearable, the level of poor hygiene, over population, high rate of unemployment, crime escalated, and so on.

Everyone is just becoming tense and more desperate.

Due to the high levels of corruption in the South African government, it has been revealed that more than R500 billion has been looted by the government officials. The plan for the funding was to pay each South African citizen R350 per month, and that did not happen, instead the money disappeared and that left us as citizens hopeless, and vulnerable to survive financially and economically.

So things are really bad, as for myself in the entertainment industry, I have not had (DJ-)gigs since 15th December, and I only managed to pay rent January even that in instalments. As I am standing now I don’t even know how am I going to survive the next few months, I don’t even have rent for February and we don’t know when this lockdown will be lifted so that we can be able to make some income again. I was not even able to pay water and electricity for the past 3 months only manage to cover strictly rent.

With all that being said, brothers and sisters, I would like to reach out to anyone who is able to assist and help me and others in need of financial support, to be able to keep our heads above the water, as this flood of the pandemic is drowning us into spiritual, emotional and financial instability. I would like you guys to know that anything you are able to provide is highly appreciated deep from the heart big or small. I wish you guys all love and light in these times, sending you some sun and some love from the mother city Cape Town. Hope the universe will soon permit us to be reunited together again, and dance to some good music.

Thank you for taking time to read this, much appreciated. In the name of Love and Ubuntu (Humanity), we give thanks.

Enkosi (Danke) boBhuti (to you brothers) and boSisi (to you sisters)


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